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Campus Life
  • This is an activity to select outstanding graduate student laboratory for promoting environmental sanitation and academic atmosphere in student laboratories, and for inspiring graduate students' enthusiasm for participating in extracurricular activities.
  • Held since 2007, the "Hongyu Cup" Program Design Competition adheres to the purpose of "studying together and progressing together " and the concept of "learning for practice". The competition combines computer language programming with engineering
  • The "Hydraulic-Coupling" Academic Salon strives to create a academic exchange platform on "coupling of hydraulics and rock-soil mechanics "for graduate students in many universities and research institutes across the central China. Students can discus
  • The Hongyu Forum, organized by the Party Branch of Graduate and the Graduate Student Union, is one of the many featured academic activities in our school. It provides an academic presentation and exchange platform for graduate students. The Forum takes th
  • The "Wen Qu" innovation plan began in 2014. It is an activity jointly held by the Association of Science Technology and Culture, Hong Yu Society, and the innovation departments of different grades. The aim is to promote students' ability of scientific
  • Created in 2011, Hong Yu Cultural Festival is a featured cultural activity aiming at all students of Wuhan University. It includes three chapters: "Sail against the current", "Scholars on water", and "Red River surges". It contains an association cu
  • The Golden Autumn Art Festival is an great arts feast, including costume competition, dance competition, chorus competition, situational drama competition, and debate competition. The student representative teams of our school have won the first places in
  • Every year in November, Wuhan University Autumn Track and Field Sports Meet will be held as scheduled. The School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering has won the championship of men and women groups of the games among 36 schools for many times.