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Research Areas
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Research in the school is ranked top 3 in China in the last National Discipline Assessment (2012) in the field of Hydraulic Engineering. Some of the research units are recognized as nationally and internationally leading. In general, research activities in the school are clustered in four departments as follows. 

Department of Agricultural Water Resources Engineering
Water-saving Irrigation Field
Soil Water Flow and Solute Transport
Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage Technology
Agricultural Water Resources Management and Disaster Control
Theory of Reliable Degree on New Structure of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering and Engineering Structure
Canal Automation Control Theory
Irrigation Engineering Structure Design and Computation
Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Structure Reliability Analysis and Risk Control
Electromechanical Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Mechanism and Prevention Measures of the Hydraulic Fluctuation and Accidents in Pumped-storage Systems
Hydraulic-mechanical-electrical Coupling Model and Simulation Method of Transients in Hydropower and Pumped-storage Systems
Department of Hydropower Engineering
Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Stability Analysis Theory for High Dams and Safety Evaluation of Hydraulic Structures
Multi-fields Coupling Effects and Deformation and Seepage Coordination Control of Rock Mass
Full Lifecycle Performance Evolution and Safety Control of Dam-reservoir System
Performance Evolution of Concrete Material and Structures
Hydropower Station
Transient Process and Safe Operation of Hydropower Stations
Penstock and Underground Engineering of Hydropower Stations
Engineering Construction
Risk Control of Construction Diversion and Simulation of Construction System
Construction Technology for Hydropower Engineering
Blast Effect and Safety Control of Rock Mass Excavation
Department of Harbor, Waterway and Coastal Engineering
Environmental and Eco- Hydraulics
Turbulent flows
Pollutant transport in surface water flows
Flow-vegetation interactions
River and Coastal Dynamics
Fluvial and coastal flows
Sediment transport
Mathematical modelling of fluvial and coastal processes
Reservoir sedimentation
Waterway engineering
Flood risk forecast and management
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources
Hydrology and Water Resources Under Changing Environments
Hydrologic Forecasting and Flood Disasters Prevention & Mitigation
Water (power) Resources System Planning and Sustainable Utilization
Optimal Water Resources Allocation
Optimal Operation and Management of Multi-reservoir System of Hydropower Stations
The Regulation of Hydrologic Environment Security
Basic Research for Hydrologic Environment and Ecology
Information Platform for Hydro-environment Simulation and Water Security